EDF Emergency Contact Number

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EDF Energy Emergency

A gas leak in or around your home is a very serious issue and you should always contact someone immediately to report it. If your gas supplier is EDF Energy, then you need to contact EDF to get someone out to the property. Their normal number is now supplemented with this new EDF Energy telephone number to help reduce the amount of calls made to the number and ensure you speak to someone quickly. The number also works as an EDF Energy contact number customer services department if you have a query about your electricity supply, such as a power cut or a problem with electrics in the house. If you are contacting about your electricity supply, you need two numbers from the 13 digit number panel on your electricity bill to help them find out what the problem is, so grab your last bill before you give the number a call.

Electricity Emergency Number

Even if you don’t have your gas and electricity supply through the company, you may find you need EDF Energy contact numbers. This is because the company supplies around 20% of the UK’s electricity so if there is a power cut or a problem with supply, it may be necessary to speak to them to find out what the situation is. You can use this same number to query your electricity supply as query any problems within the home. EDF also have a lot of businesses who use their services to supply utilities to the business premises and this EDF contact number works for these customers too. You can contact them if you think there may be a gas leak, if your electricity is malfunctioning or if there is any other gas or electric related problem that a specialist needs to check for safety reasons. Call this number immediately to get a qualified engineer to the property.

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