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EDF Electricity

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EDF Energy are both a supplier of electricity to homes and businesses and also a producer of electricity. They are responsible for producing around one fifth of the UK’s electricity as well as supplying millions of homes as their utility supplier. This means that the EDF Energy contact number customer services department is a busy one – so this new number can help customers quickly get in touch with the right person for their query. If you are looking to switch supplier, then this EDF phone number can help you speak to one of their customer advisers. Here you can find out about their different tariffs and see what your own individual quote would be. The number also services as an EDF Energy contact number for businesses looking to switch their provider and save money on their utility bills.

EDF Telephone Number

Once you a customer of the company, you can use this number to contact EDF about any queries regarding your electricity. This might be around your bill, submitting your meter reading or even seeing if there is a new, improved tariff available that might save you money. You can ring the number for all queries and it will help you get to the right person quickly, saving you time. The number also serves as a EDF emergency contact number if you think there might be a problem with your electricity supply or if you have suffered a power cut. Even if you don’t get your electricity through EDF Energy but know they are the supplier for your areas, you can use this number to speak to someone. Here you can register a power cut, query time frames or get an engineer to visit your home if you think there is a problem with the supply within the property. Never try to solve a problem yourself as the electricity in the home is strong enough to prove dangerous, even fatal if you aren’t qualified to deal with it.

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