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DVLA where is my V5?

If you have lost your V5 document or can’t find it anywhere and need it to sell your car or for other reasons, you can apply for another one.  You can ring the DVLA and they can send out another one but there is a £25 charge. You need to pay this by debit or credit card when you ring.  It usually takes 5 days to receive the new V5 but there’s no way to track its progress.

You can also fill out for V62 which is for a lost V5. Send this to the main Swansea address of the DVLA with a cheque for the £25 to get a new one.  This same form can be used if you never received a V5 when you bought the car, but you have the new keeper’s details form. There’s no charge in this situation unless you don’t have that slip.