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This is a non affiliated call connection service. The call connection telephone numbers supplied by are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

CSA Helpline – 0345 713 3133

You call the local rate number 0345 713 3133 to let the CSA know about changing circumstances around your child maintenance payments.  This includes changes such as your wage or how many nights a child spends with you.  You can also ring if you have disputed parentage and have the results of a DNA test.  If you are no longer eligible to receive the payments or have reconciled with the other parent, you can notify this through these numbers.  Call 0345 713 3133 if your case was set up before March 2003 but for cases, after this, it is best to contact the regional offices below:

CSA Regional Office Phone Numbers





Wales & North-West England

0345 609 0082

0345 713 8099

Scotland & North-East England

0345 609 0042

0345 713 6804

The Midlands

0345 609 0062

0345 713 1707 & 0845 713 1707

Northern Ireland & Eastern England

0345 609 0092

0345 713 2243

South-East England

0345 609 0052

0345 713 4700

South-West England

0345 609 0072

0345 713 7217

New Child Maintenance Case – 0800 083 5130

If you need to set up a new Child Maintenance Options case creating, you can call 0800 083 5130 to set up new financial arrangements.  The CSA no longer handles new cases, so you should use this number to start a new claim.  This is the best way to secure financial agreements between parents and ensure the child is well looked after.  You can also ring 0843 133 7287 if the free phone line is busy but calls will be charged at 7p per minute plus connection fee.

If you need the dedicated Welsh language team ring 0800 408 0308.  Ffoniwch y CSA ar eu llinell gymorth yn yr iaith Gymraeg 0800 408 0308 i sefydlu achos cynhaliaeth plant newydd.

CSA Appeals – 0345 713 3133

If you want to appeal a decision by the CSA, you can ring the main number 0345 713 3133.  You can appeal if you think you are paying too much or the other parent isn’t paying enough.  You can request a mandatory reconsideration through this number to make the CSA consider the case once again.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of the appeal you can take it to the independent tribunal who will review the case at court.  You need to use form SSCS2 from the DWP website to start this process and then send it to the address below:

Appeals address for England & Wales

HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,

PO Box 1203,


BD1 9WP,

United Kingdom.

Appeals address for Scotland

HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,

PO Box 27080,


G2 9HQ,

United Kingdom.

Complaints – 0345 713 3133

If you want to make a complaint about how CSA has treated you, you can ring 0345 713 3133.  This number is for if you are unhappy at being kept informed about your claim or to complain about a specific member of staff.  If you are unhappy after making the complaint, you can escalate to the Independent Case Examiner by calling 0345 606 0777.

CSA Contact Number

Employer Services – 0345 713 6010

If you are an employer and need help with child maintenance deductions from an employee’s pay, you can ring 0345 713 6010.  You can also ring the number for an employee in dispute with their partner about their wage.  For those using a textphone call 0345 713 8924.

Important CSA Phone Numbers



General enquiries for existing cases

0345 713 3133

New child maintenance cases (not CSA)

0800 083 5130 & 0843 133 7287

Employer services (employee making CSA payments)

0345 713 6010

Alternative ways to contact the Child Support Agency (CSA)

Phone lines can be busy to the CSA so there are other ways to get in touch including email and regional postal addresses.

Email addresses

You can notify of changing details through the email system by using the address for your regional office.  If you are unsure which one to use, then the officer finder is available here

Online contact form for Wales & North-West England

Online contact form for Scotland & North-East England

Online contact form for the Midlands

Online contact form for Northern Ireland & East England

Online contact form for South-East England

Online contact form for South-West England

Postal addresses

You can also send paperwork, forms and other correspondence to the regional offices by using the corresponding address.  These include sending copies of DNA proof documents, wage information and complaints paperwork.

Postal address for Wales & North-West England


Child Support Agency 5,

Post Handling Site B,


WV99 1GH,

United Kingdom.


Postal address for Scotland & North-East England


Child Support Agency 3,

Mail Handling Site A,


WV98 1SG,

United Kingdom.


Postal address for the Midlands


Child Support Agency 1,

Post Handling Site B,


WV99 1ED,

United Kingdom


Postal address for Northern Ireland & Eastern England


Child Support Agency 6,

Mail Handling Site A,


WV98 1SH,

United Kingdom.


Postal address for South-West England


Child Support Agency 4,

Mail Handling Site A,


WV98 1QL,

United Kingdom.


Postal address for South-East England


Child Support Agency 2,

Post Handling Site B,


WV99 1NE,

United Kingdom.