How to Claim PIP When You Have a Terminal Illness

If you are aged between 16 and 64 and have a terminal illness, you are entitled to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).  The benefits application process is also streamlined and simplified in these circumstances so that the DWP can get your first payment to you within 2 weeks of applying.

Eligibility rules

To qualify for PIP, you need to be living in England, Scotland or Wales and be aged between 16 and 64.  Your life expectancy needs to be confirmed by a doctor or other medical professional as six months or less.  If you are not a UK citizen, then there are some extra rules that will apply.

How to make a claim

To start a claim for PIP, you can ring the claim line and receive the form DS1500.  This is filled out by your doctor or consultant and means you don’t need to have a health assessment that is the normal part of the PIP application process.

You will be entitled to the enhanced rate of daily living PIP immediately, rather than waiting the normal 3 months qualifying period.  However, you don’t automatically get the mobility component of PIP. If you think you should get this, such as if you have problems moving around or going out, then you can contact DWP.  They will be able to assess you and see if you qualify with things such as:

  • Being unable to walk without pain, breathlessness or help
  • Needing a wheelchair, walking stick or similar aid
  • Being unable to go out due to stress or anxiety

Contacting PIP

The main contact line for PIP is 0800 917 2222 or for textphone users, 0800 917 7777.  Lines are open from 8 am until 6 pm weekdays. The process will take about 20 minutes.

You will need to have your name, address and phone number as well as national insurance number.  The DWP will need your bank or building society account information and your nationality or immigration status.  You will also need to provide your GP or medical professional’s details and information about hospital stays or other types of residential care. They will also ask about being abroad for 4 weeks or more in the last 3 years and if you have received ESA (Employment and Support Allowance).

You will also be asked some questions about your mobility, how you can get around and your ability to get out of the house.  This is to help judge if you need the mobility section of PIP.

The DS1500 report

The DS1500 report is completed by your doctor or consultant free of charge.  You can even get them to email the DWP if you live in England or Scotland. This needs to be sent as quickly as possible to make the PIP claim.  You can also post it to:

Free post


PIP 10

Once they have the report, they will make a decision about your claim.  Payments will normally be received within 2 weeks of applying. If you are turned down for any reason, you can appeal in the normal way.