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General Enquiries – 0800 032 9489

You can contact the main switchboard number for Churchill to query any of the policies they offer on 0800 032 9489.  This is a Freephone number or you can reach the customer care team on 0800 032 9489.  These numbers are perfect if you are unsure exactly what department you need to speak to and they can direct you where you need to go for your type of policy.

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churchill car insurance

Car Insurance – 0345 603 3551

Call Churchill on 0345 603 3551 for any matter regarding car insurance. You can check about your cover, add extras such as breakdown cover and also temporary drivers to the policy if you are going on holiday and need another driver.  You can use the number to change the vehicle on your policy and also call 0345 603 3551 if you need to update any information that affects your policy such as your address or points on your license.  There is also an email address to use for general car insurance queries – [email protected]  All numbers can assist with claims and renewals but there are also dedicated numbers for the different departments.

Churchill car insurance contact numbers

General customer service 0345 603 3551
New car claims 0345 603 3590
Existing car claims 0345 600 2139
24/7 emergency helpline (car policies) 0345 603 3599
Car insurance quotes 0800 032 4829
Car insurance renewals 0345 603 3560
Legal advice about your car policy 0345 246 2408

Breakdown Insurance Number To Call – 0345 603 3551

You can contact Churchill about their breakdown policy on 0345 603 3551.  This can be taken alongside your car insurance or be a standalone policy.  

The number can help with queries about cover and also payments.  There is also a department email address [email protected] if you want to send contact that way.  

Should you break down in Europe or in the UK, need a quote for cover or amend your existing policy then you can use one of the below numbers:

Churchill about

Churchill Car Breakdown Cover Phone Numbers

Breakdown Customer Services 0345 603 3551
Breakdown quotes 0800 200 326
Breakdown renewals 0345 603 3560
Breakdown Assistance (car) 0800 400 665 (UK) & 0800 4000 6000 (Europe)

Van Insurance – 0800 051 0553

Contact Churchill about a van policy on 0800 051 0553 in order to set up a new policy or change an existing one.  This number can help with general queries about what the policies cover as well as if your policy is still valid if you make changes within your business.  

You can ring the number for a new quote as well as a renewal and also for claims.  

There are also specific departments for different areas to call, detailed below.  These numbers only cover van insurance policies taken after 18th March 2014 so if you took your policy before that date, you should use the same number as car insurance customers to contact the company.

Churchill Van Insurance Phone Numbers

Van customer services 0800 051 0553
Van Quotes 0800 652 6863
Van Renewals 0333 222 1054
Van Claims 0191 523 3354

Van Insurance – email addresses

Van Insurance – email addresses

Churchill is aware that you may not have time to wait to get through on the phone so also offer email addresses to send details of your query and offer a speedy response to them.

Customer Services

[email protected]

Get a quote via email

[email protected]

Send information relevant to renewing your insurance

[email protected]

Make a claim

[email protected]

Write to Churchill Van team

There is also a contact address you can use if your query is non-urgent or you want to send a written query.  This is also the address to use to send proof of no claims discount from a previous policy:

  • Churchill (Van Insurance Department),
  • Brightside Group Ltd,
  • Brightside Park,
  • Severn Bridge, Aust, Bristol, BS35 4BL, United Kingdom.

Churchill Home Insurance – 0345 603 3551

You can call Churchill on a local rate number for any queries around home insurance on 0345 603 3551.  

This number covers transferring your policy to a new address, adding features such as accidental damage or also cancelling your policy for any reason.  

The company do have an online help page section that offers lots of frequently asked questions if you don’t want to wait on the phone and you can fill in an online contact form at or speak to an advisor via live chat.  You can also use any of the numbers below for the specific departments.

Churchill home insurance contact numbers

Home Customer Services 0345 603 3551
Home Quotes 0800 032 7199
Home Renewals 0345 603 3560
Home Claims 0345 603 3590
24-hour emergency helpline (home policies) 0345 603 3599
Legal advice team (home policies) 0345 246 2408

Churchill Travel Insurance – 0800 032 6534

Churchill offers a dedicated number for travel policies at 0800 032 6534 where you can get a quote, find out about the cover or renew your travel policy.  This number also covers general queries such as checking to see if you are covered to travel to a certain country.  

There is an upgrade section to reach through 0800 032 6534 if you need more cover than you currently have.  You can also use the number to query pre-existing medical condition or to discuss new conditions to ensure your policy is still valid.  

In addition, there are a number of dedicated lines for the different departments as well as a contact address for any written correspondence.

  • Churchill Travel Insurance,
  • 37 Broad Street,
  • Bristol,
  • BS1 2EQ,
  • United Kingdom.

Churchill Travel Insurance contact numbers

New quotes, renewals and queries 0800 032 6534
Medical & Curtailment travel claims 01252 740 050 (UK) & +44 1252 740 050 (International)
Non-emergency travel claims 0345 603 3591

Churchill Pet Insurance – 0800 032 6528

Churchill has a dedicated department for pet insurance that can be reached through 0800 032 6528.  

This number can help if your pet is ill or has had an accident and you need to make a claim.  

It can also help with setting up a new policy or renewing an existing one.  You can also check if your particular breed of animal can be covered by the company.  For claims, you can additionally ring 0345 603 3589 to set up a new claim or check the progress of an existing one.

Write to Churchill Pet Insurance

There is also an address to send any written correspondence or any paperwork associated with your policy or a claim:

  • Churchill Pet Insurance,
  • 37 Broad Street,
  • Bristol,
  • BS1 2EQ,
  • United Kingdom.

Tradesman & Landlord insurance – 0345 878 8194

If you need to contact Churchill about tradesmen or landlord policies, you can call 0345 878 8194.  This number helps with quotes such as public liability cover or building protection insurance to help offset possible costs if something goes wrong in your business.  You can use the number to get quotes and see what kind of policy you might need.  There is also a dedicated claims number at 0345 878 8195 or you can send any written correspondence to:

  • Commercial Claims,
  • PO Box 1151,
  • Bromley,
  • BR1 9WB,
  • United Kingdom.

Life Insurance – 0370 060 2040

The life insurance team at Churchill is available through 0370 060 2040 and can help with queries about new or existing policies.  The number lets you change your cover by either increasing or decreasing it as well as removing someone from a joint policy if you have separated.  There is also a dedicated number if you are calling about someone who has passed away.

Life Insurance phone numbers

General Customer services 0370 060 2040
International life insurance helpline +44 1273 824 665
Life Insurance claims (general) 0800 137 101
Critical Illness insurance claims 0800 068 0789
Quotes for new policies 0800 145 5541

Important Churchill contact numbers

General enquiries (all policies) 0800 032 9489
Car, breakdown & home queries 0345 603 3551
Van queries 0800 051 0553
Travel queries 0800 032 6534
Pet queries 0800 032 6528
Tradesman & Landlord queries 0345 878 8194
Life insurance queries 0370 060 2040

More ways to contact Churchill

Churchill offers a number of options to contact their team if you don’t want to wait on the telephone.  These include contact addresses, email addresses and even social media profiles.

Contact Churchill online

You can use the official Churchill website to submit a query, send documents or access the live web based chat service to talk to an advisor.

Write to Churchill Insurance

Writing isn’t the quickest method to contact the company but is an option and is useful if you need to send paperwork.  You can send any paperwork to:

  • Customer services team
  • 37 Broad Street,
  • Bristol,
  • BS1 2EQ,
  • United Kingdom.

Social media

Social media is a great way to get in touch for general queries and to give feedback to Churchill.  There are even dedicated customer services teams to help solve queries without using the telephone.  Check out the details below:

Facebook Page

Twitter Customer Services account

YouTube channel

Google+ contact and posts

LinkedIn company profile