Changes That Affect your PIP

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If you have a change in circumstances that might affect your PIP eligibility, you need to get in touch with the DWP as soon as possible.  Examples of things that might affect your ability to receive the payment include:

  • Your condition changes, either get better or worse
  • The level of help that you need alters
  • You go into hospital or a care home for more than 28 days (unless you are under 18)
  • You go abroad for more than 13 weeks
  • You change your name, address or your bank account
  • You go to prison or legal custody or leave it

These are just a few examples of things that could impact the PIP payment.  If you are at all uncertain if you need to notify a change, it is best to get in touch with DWP and let them know.  They may want to re-examine your claim and if you want to check what might happens if they did this, contact your local Citizens Advice centre for help.

Changes that don’t need reporting

Because PIP isn’t impacted by what you earn or work you do, there’s no need to tell DWP if you start or return to work or if you stop working.  You don’t need to declare changes in your income or if someone leaves or joins the household.

How to notify changes

You should notify of a change as soon as possible.  If you are notifying a change of name, you need to do this in writing and including specific information and send it to the letter on your PIP payment award:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number
  • Date of change
  • What has changed

Most of the time, you can ring the PIP helpline number to advise about changes.  Someone can do this for you if you have given permission for them to speak on your behalf.  You can ring 0800 121 4433 or textphone 0800 121 4493. Lines are open from 8 am until 6 pm weekdays and are free to call.

You should also keep a note of when you called and who you spoke to in case there are any queries or lost information.  And keep a copy of the letter if you post this.