Can’t pause Sky TV?

Pausing live TV is one of the features of Sky boxes.  If the pause button doesn’t work, there are a few ideas to try and solve it.  For starters, check the remote control – are all the other functions working okay?  If not, it might be a battery problem or a loose battery.

If the other features work okay, then the problem might be with the box.  If you have insufficient memory left, the box cannot pause or record anything else so check this.  Try restarting the box by unplugging it from the mains, leaving it for a moment then turning it back on and follow the on-screen instructions.  If it still doesn’t work after this, contact Sky for more suggestions.

If you need any further help, please see our FAQ’s or common questions page.

If all else fails, speak to an SKY TV advisor, on, 0843 133 7000