Can’t get Sky TV to work?

There are a few problems that cause a Sky TV box not to work.  One of the most common is a problem with the satellite signal. If this is the case, the box will tell you this is why it isn’t working.  You can turn your box onto standby and wait a few moments then switch it off at the mains. Wait for a couple of minutes then turn it back on, checking all the connections at the back of the box while you wait.  Follow the on-screen instructions and see if the problem is fixed. If not, contact Sky to see if there is a problem in your area.

Sometimes a Sky box gets stuck and stops working.  This is a bit like a crash on a computer. You can use the same method to turn it off and restart it as above and this should free up the problem.  If the problem continues when you turn the box back on, contact Sky for more troubleshooting help.

If you need any further help, please see our FAQ’s or common questions page.

If all else fails, speak to an SKY TV advisor, on, 0843 133 7000