Can’t connect Sky TV to Wi-fi?

Sky offers two main box types, Sky+HD and Sky Q.  Both of these should connect to the internet via Wi-fi.  There is a button on the front called the WPS button – this looks like two arrows in a circle. There may be a similar button on the router, depending on the make and provider. If it has one and both the box and hub have power, you can press and hold the WPS button on the router for 2 seconds then within 60 seconds, do the same on the Sky box.  The light on the box should flash amber while the connection is established then solid amber when it is connected to the Wi-fi network.

If your router doesn’t have a WPS button, use the Sky remote to go the services and right arrow along to Settings then press select.  Find the Network option and press select again. Highlight Connect with Password and wait for the network options to appear. Select the one you use and then put in the password.  The box will then connect via the network and let you know when it is done.

If you can’t connect by either of these methods, check online to see if your Sky connection is working properly.  If you don’t get your broadband from Sky, then you should contact your supplier to see if there is a problem. If there are no problems, contact Sky to walk through what to do next.

If you need any further help, please see our FAQ’s or common questions page.

If all else fails, speak to an SKY TV advisor, on, 0333 7591 018