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British Airways

British Airways

Company Name: British Airways

Contact Number (call connection): 0344 493 0787

HQ Address: Harmondsworth, West Drayton UB7 0GA, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30am to 8pm


Contact British Airways on:

0344 493 0787

Direct and Important British Airways Phone Numbers:

Department Contact Number
Customer Services including Mobility and Disability 0344 493 0787
BA Flight Status 0344 493 0777
BA Group Travel 0344 493 0765
BA Delayed Baggage 0344 493 0785
Minicom service 0845 700 7706
OpenSkies Customer Bookings (France) 0825 825 400
OpenSkies Alter Hotel/Car Rental (France) +33 (0) 157 324 975
OpenSkies Customers – Delayed Baggage +33 (0) 825 825 400
OpenSkies Customers – Bookings (USA) 1-800-247-9297
OpenSkies Alter Hotel/ Car Rental (USA) 1-877-428-2284
British Airways Executive Club Customer Bookings 0844 493 0 747
Executive Club Customer Booking Abroad +44 191 490 7901
BA Customers On Business 0344 493 0748

British Airways Customer Service and Support Number 0344 493 0787

You can call the British Airways customer service and support team on 0344 493 0787.  This number can help with general concerns about the services provided by the company including new bookings, upgrades, car and hotel services and flight costs.  You can also search for more information here including for last minute deals.  The number can help if you need to make changes to your booking including flights, hotels, cars or if you need to register special meal requirements for your journey.

Bookings can also be managed online through where you can input your information.  There are options to register with the site or register to become an Executive Club member free of charge.

If you call this number you can sort issues such as choosing and paying for a seat and additional baggage as well as general queries about your flight.  Sometimes seat selection is free of charge or there may be a cost involved, depending on the travel class, ticket and other information.  You can use the online facilities to see if this service is free or chargeable.  Go to the site and click Manage My Booking then enter your reference number and last name to get this information.

Other services available through this online management option include:

  • Checking your itinerary
  • Request specific meals
  • Provide Advance Passenger Information
  • Apply for ESTA
  • Add a frequent player partner
  • Sent the itinerary to others by email
  • Print out boarding passes and double check flight information
  • Check baggage information, allowances and restrictions
  • Get real-time arrival and departure information
  • Upgrade, change or cancel your flight for a refund

If you discover you have made a mistake with your booking and need to cancel it, you can do this by contacting British Airways within 24 hours of making the booking to get a full refund.  If it has been more than 24 hours, you can still cancel with the online Manage My Booking service and you will receive some refund but how much would depend on the ticket purchased.

British Airways also offer online check-in for customers via their dedicated mobile app which can be as much as 24 hours before the flight.  This saves the rush on doing this at the time of flight but anyone with children travelling alone, with them but on a separate flight or groups or more than 9 would still need to check in at the airport.  For more information, go to the check-in page.

To start the check-in process, you will need your booking reference and last name.  You can download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play Store.  When using the app, make sure your checked bag is no more than 90cm x 75cm x 43cm.  Musical instruments and sporting equipment can be hand carried with special arrangements – call the British Airways phone number in advance to organise this.  Anything up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm will incur an extra charge and anything larger will need to have paid separate shipping.

British Airways Contact Number for Flight Status 0344 493 0777

You can check the status of a British Airways flight by calling the above number or by visiting the website.  You can type the three letters from and to route, select the departure date and then hit the search button.  You can also use the flight number on the relevant tab to find departing and arriving information.  Finally, you can use the airport tab to check arrivals and departures.  The British Airways app also allows you to check flight status.

British Airways Phone Number for Group Travel 0344 493 0765

If you have a queries or issues regarding group travel, you can contact British Airways on 0344 493 0765.  They can assist with groups of four or more individuals in first class or seven or more in business or premium economy.  They can also help with groups of ten or more in economy.  Advantages of this number include:

  • Dedicated support
  • Smaller deposits for each person flying in the group
  • Best attempts at keeping everything together
  • Names can be changed prior to tickets being issued at no further charge
Delayed Baggage

British Airways Helpline for Delayed Baggage 0344 493 0785

If you are worried about delayed baggage you can contact British Airways on 0344 493 0785 or you can check the status of your baggage online.

You will need your file reference number and your last name so if you discover any incorrect information in this, you need to contact the customer services number immediately.  You can also be notified when your baggage is found and is ready to be delivered as well as arranging the best time for this.

If you realise your baggage is missing or lost, inform British Airways as soon as possible.  If you don’t let them know at the airport, then call the customer services number when you get home.  bags will be returned without any cost to your chosen address and if you need to purchase items in the meantime, keep receipts as you may be able to claim for these items through

There is also a claim form on this web page for damaged or missing content.  There is no liability for loss or damage to everything in your luggage such as perishable, valuable or fragile items as well as unsuitable packaging or damaged containers being used.  You can check the notice of liability and conditions of carriage for more information about this.

British Airways Customer Service for Executive Club Support 0844 493 0747

For members of the Executive Club, you can call British Airways on 0844 493 0747.  The club is free to join and when you do, you will start to accumulate Avois points as well as access to exclusive rewards and benefits.

You can also use this web page to sign up for the club.  You will need to enter your name, email address and create login information as well as some other personal information such as language, address, departure city, date of birth and gender.

The club does have different tiers as the more you fly, the more points you get.  There are currently four – blue, bronze, silver and gold.  Everyone starts at the blue tier and moves up.  Benefits include:


  •         Collect points for flights and services
  •         Collect tier points to move up through the tiers
  •         Save personal preferences such as seat and meal details free of charge
  •         Exclusive offers to members


  •         25% bonus in addition to blue tier benefits
  •         Priority on-boarding and check-in
  •         Free seat selection 7 days before departure


  •         50% bonus in addition to all bronze tier benefits
  •         Free seat selection from time of booking
  •         Free access to business lounges
  •         Extra luggage allowance


  •         100% bonus in addition to all silver tier benefits
  •         Added reward flight availability

Bronze tier activates at 300 points, silver at 600 and gold at 1500.  You collect points every time you fly with British Airways and OneWorld partners.  The number of points depends on the type of ticket and class of fare.  More points are awarded on flexible fares and premium cabins as well as longer flights.  At the anniversary, points return to zero but you still collect lifetime tier points.  Reaching 35,000 lifetime tier points guarantees Gold membership for life with additional rewards and benefits as well as automatic renewal.

British Airways Telephone Number for On Business 0344 493 0748

On Business, customers can call British Airways on 0344 493 0748 for queries relating to the program.  This is a system that allows companies to collect tier and Avois points to use on flights and upgrades and has three tiers.  On1 tier is the starter level and the more points you accumulate, the higher you move.  If your company spends between £30,000 and £299,999 a year with British Airways, you would move to On2 while over £300,000 a year would result in On3.

Executive club members would still earn personal points when flying for their company so make sure you include your information when booking a company flight.

British Airways Number for Disability and Mobility 0344 493 0787

Disabled and mobility customers can contact British Airways on 0344 493 0787 for any queries or concerns about this service.  There is also a dedicated Minicom number on 0845 700 7706. There is not a dedicated email address for this department but you can use the online form for any queries.