Bath Area Code: 01225

01225 is the Bath Area Code

If you are calling someone who lives in the city of Bath, then the telephone number will start with the code 01225.
The historic city of Bath and the areas immediately around it have a telephone number that starts with 01255 for both private and business lines.  Anyone living in this area will likely have a number start with this code as will most businesses so if you get a call starting with this, you know where it is coming from.

Localities which use the 01225 telephone area code

BathLimpley Stoke
Bradford-on-AvonNorth Trowbridge
Combe DownSaltford


Cost of calling a Bath telephone number

The Bath area code is a standard geographic number for the UK alongside other 01 and 02 numbers.  It is also the same calling cost as ringing 0300 and 0345 helplines.  Under the rules of phone numbers, you can also ring these numbers under your inclusive minutes at no charge as long as you have enough minutes free for the length of call you make.  Charges come in two parts for these numbers – an access charge and a per-minute rate.  Your phone provider can tell you what these are.

How to call a Bath phone number from abroad

When you need to ring a Bath number from outside the UK, things are a little different.  You need to take the zero off the front of the number and replace it with the international calling code.  For the UK, this number is +44.  So, a number that would be 01225 477 785 to call when you are inside the UK would instead become +441225 477 785 when you were abroad.

Example phone numbers of popular attractions in Bath

Many businesses within the area use a Bath number because lots of people trust geographic numbers better than non-geographic ones and are more inclined to answer the phone.  This kind of numbers are also used by lots of attractions and landmarks in the area for their general lines including:

  • 01225 477 785 – Bath is most famous for its Roman Baths that gave it a name.  built in 60AD, you can visit them to see the Roman baths and much more.  Sadly, due to bacteria in the water you can no longer bath in the baths but there are spring water modern facilities on the site.
  • 01225 469 230 – Bath Rugby Club is one of the English Premiership clubs and play their home matches at the Recreation Ground stadium.  This number is used to find out about matches, book tickets and also corporate events at the ground.
  • 01225 422 462 – Bath Abbey’s main line is to find out opening times for the Grade 1 listing abbey in the centre of the city.  You can also use it to find out about using the location for your wedding ceremony.

Top three reasons to visit Bath

  1. The Roman baths – these are the only natural warm water spring baths in the UK and a visit here will let you see the historic Roman baths as well as architecture from different periods of history that is all well preserved.  The Thermae Bath Spa uses natural geothermic spring water for a modern spa while there is also a museum on site that includes the largest Roman coin collection in the country.
  2. Bath has some of the best examples of different architectural periods in the UK.  There are grade I listed buildings such as Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent as well as many Georgian era properties – rows of beautiful terraced houses and unusual buildings such as The Circus.  The city is a World Heritage Site and is protected for future generations.
  3. Bath’s rugby union club is one of the top clubs in the country and offers the chance to se high quality rugby.  Their home matches are played at the Recreation Ground stadium.