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Auracall UK Contact Numbers

Auracall is a data and telecom services company who were founded in 2001 and offer their services to both commercial and domestic customers around the UK.  They offer a range of different products that include international calling plans, talk plans, conference calling for businesses, non-geographic numbers and a range of other messaging services.

The company has its own customer services team who are available for sales and after-sales service.  Their focus on working with communities around the UK includes their international calling solutions that make it cheaper to ring abroad and staff are always available to provide help or information.

The main contact point for Auracall is to ring their 24-hour customer services line on 0208 497 4622.  This number is used to reach representatives who will be able to help with all of your general queries as well as look at adding services.  

Auracall Contact Numbers

Auracall Customer Service 24 Hours Helpline Number 0208 497 4622

Auracall Contact Us Telephone Number +44(0) 208 497 4622

Auracall Contact Us Fax Number +44(0) 203 191 8241

Auracall WhatsApp Contact Phone Number +44 789 458 3864

Head office address

Auracall has their head office in London and this can be where you send paperwork or send queries or complaints in writing.  The address is Brittania House, 960 High Road, London, N12 9RY.

T-Talk FAQs

You can use the contact numbers to get in touch with Auracall that are listed above but there is another option – their FAQs page.  This is a section on their website that is filled with information based on the most common questions that their customers ask and can often save you having to ring them.

There is a dedicated section for their T-Talk service.  This service is one of their most popular products and the FAQ pages let you know how it works, why you might choose it and other commonly asked questions.  You can find the section at

Classic FAQs

Another of their products is the Auracall Classic and this also has its own FAQs section where you can find out about the most common questions customers ask.  If you go to you can find information on topics such as how to buy an Auracall SIM and how to pay for the use on it.  You can find out how to access your own telephone number and what to do if your handset is locked.

If you have a query that isn’t listed on the FAQs section, then all you need to do is ring the contact number above and they will be able to help you.

Mobile FAQs

The mobile FAQs section for Auracall is found at – this is a dedicated support section for mobile customers and helps with much of the everyday information you need to use your Auracall service.  If you have a problem that isn’t included here, you can ring customer services instead.

Customer services

The main customer services line for Auracall is 0208 497 4622 and this is used for any query where you can’t find the information online on their FAQs section.  You can ring them to get further information on a query or to raise a complaint.

There is also an online contact us page where you can submit a query via the website for anything you cannot find on the FAQs.  You will need to provide your name, email address, telephone number and your contact preference as well as what the query is about.  You can choose from three sections to get help – marketing and sales, general queries or customer support.

If you are outside the UK and need to contact Auracall customer services for a query, you can use the international number +44 208 497 4622.  The staff will be able to help with your problem and look into any issues. Do check call costs before you ring as this will depend on where you are.

The company also have a fax system if you need to send paperwork or something in writing quicker than sending it in the post.  Send the fax to +44 203 191 8241 and the customer services team will reply to you once received.

Finally, you can use WhatsApp to get in touch with the company as they offer customer services through the app.  You can find their contact page here and use this to send the query.

Other ways to contact

If you want to send something in writing to Auracall, then you can use their main address in London to forward paperwork or a written complaint.  The address to use is Olympia House, Armitage Road, London, NW11 8RQ – make sure you include your name, address and phone number on the letter, so they can associate it with your account.

There is also an email contact page where you can send a query or complaint.  You can access this on the website at as well as send feedback about their services, products or their customer team by visiting

If you prefer to speak to someone, the 24-hour helpline is always available, and you can ring 0208 497 4622 at any time to get access to the customer services team.

Social media

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