Aberdeen Area Code: 01224

01224 is Aberdeen Area Code

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and numbers within its boundaries use the area code 01224.

For anyone with a landline in the city of Aberdeen, their telephone number will start with 01224 – this is for home and business landlines.  It makes it easy to see when someone is ringing you from this area as the number on your display with start with these figures.  In the same way, calling someone from here will start with 01224 and then have another six numbers.

How much does it cost to call 01224 numbers?

Calls to 01224 numbers are classed as geographic calls.  This means that there is a standard charge for these calls which is applied to any 01 or 02 numbers anywhere in the UK.  This charge consists of an access charge and a rate per minute and is set by your landline or mobile provider.  But it must be part of your inclusive minutes, as stated by Ofcom so in most cases, these calls won’t cost you anything.

How to call Aberdeen phone numbers from outside the UK

If you need to call an Aberdeen number from outside the UK, you need to replace the zero at the start with the international calling code for the UK which is +44.  So, you would dial the number +441224 followed by the rest of the six numbers, ignoring the original 0.  The Aberdeen Central Library’s number would transform from 01224 652 500 to +441224 652 500.

Examples of popular Aberdeen phone numbers

People like to see a local area code on a number because they feel that it makes a business more legitimate – it is tied with a location.  So, when they see 01224 on an advert for a business, they know the company is based in the Aberdeen area.  It eases the fear of fraudulent businesses and false cold calls.  Some of the most famous numbers around the city include:

  • 01224 650 500 – Aberdeen Central Library which is both the city’s main library and also a tourist information spot to help people visiting the city find the main attractions and locations
  • 01224 33 77 00 – Aberdeen Maritime Museum is a popular spot for visitors and the number offers opening times as well as information about special exhibits and also accessibility queries
  • 01224 641 122 – HM Theatre is one of the top locations for theatre and plays and the number is used to book tickets, change reservations and also to find out about upcoming events

All districts using the 01224 area code



Top three reasons to visit Aberdeen

  1. Aberdeen is famous for its unique architecture and is known as the ‘Granite City’.  This is because there are many Victorian-era buildings made of granite that create a distinctive and attractive look.  Granite is also tough stuff, and this means that ornate buildings haven’t been weathered as in other places where softer materials were used.
  2. Aberdeen has won the ‘Best Large City’ award from the British Horticultural Society for every year since the last 1960s due to the quality and number of parks across the city.  For a green tour see how many of the 45 you can fit into your visit.
  3. As the third biggest city in Scotland, it is no surprise that the city has a vibrant culture and nightlife.  From shopping centres and boutique specialist shops to museums, theatres and other cultural landmarks, there is plenty to see and do around the city.